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A New Challenge 

In the fall of 2013, after years of outgrowing one storefront after another, Chabad of NDG relocated to the parish hall attached to the former St. Columba church. The plan included a redevelopment project for the church that would ensure Chabad's future there.

Because of a series of unexpected events, Chabad's future is in danger. It is only with your contribution that we can continue to provide Jewish cultural, humanitarian and religious services to the neighborhood of NDG.

Essential Community Services 

We are the only Jewish institution whose mission is to provide for the needs of Jewish NDGers. Between 5,000 - 7,000 Jewish individuals are estimated to reside in NDG.

Chabad hosts a growing Sunday Hebrew School for children, popular classes for adults, parties for young adults, a matchmaking network, and inspiring Bar Mitzvah celebrations. We host a humanitarian project for a cadre of young adults who need the community's help.

Please donate generously and help us build! Your contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

Affiliation is the key to the survival and growth of Jewry. Our warm community seeks to provide for the needs of NDG's Jewish community. In doing so, we are constantly welcoming Jews from around the Greater Montreal Area who choose to benefit from our programs.

Chabad of NDG's footprint is felt worldwide. Our rabbi's extensive presence on social media, as well as his creative projects, have had an impact on people - the world over. 

Your Part 

Your contribution will ensure that one of Montreal's most important neighborhoods continues to have a synagogue and Jewish community centre.

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